City Breaks

Dar es Salaam

Thing to do:

1-Visit the Kariakoo market for a local shopping experience

2-Enjoy local snacks Oysterbay on weekends

3-Take a dip in the clear waters of Bongoyo Island

The economic capital of Tanzania, and one of the busiest ports of East Africa, the city of Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s most visited, and the most prominent city in art, fashion, media and music. Despite the high-rise buildings, busy port and the fast-paced life, Dar es Salaam manages to transport its visitors to the fascinating past through the ancient architectural wonders, and the wonderful Swahili culture depicted through intricate art and craftsmanship.

The historical significance of the city can be seen through the ancient Bavarian-style railway station, Roman Catholic St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and the Lutheran Azania Front Church left by the German colonists. While the Botanical Gardens and the Gymkhana Club were built by British occupants.

Dar es Salaam makes a mixing bowl of various cultures and ethnic groups from around the world. The increasing number of tourists coming in every year, has sprouted the number of restaurants, hotels and resorts in the recent time.


Thing to do:

1-Visit the Museum of GeoSciences to see a collection of rock samples and geological information.

2-Visit Bunge – Tanzania Parliament Buildings. However, these buildings are only open for visitors during sessions. Also make sure to carry your passport

3-Visit Gaddhaffi Mosque as a heritage site

The political capital of Tanzania, Dodoma is a small, but a rapidly developing city located in the heart of Tanzania.

With a population of 410,956, Dodoma has recently been attracting a lot of permanent settlements as the current government identifies the city as a potential of being one of Tanzania’s biggest cities.

Also developing as the centre of Tanzania’s expanding wine industry, Dodoma makes a frequently visited destination by businessmen and politicians.


Thing to do:

1-Visit National Natural History Museum

2-Go for a Safari to one of the many nearby national parks

3-Souvenir shopping at Masai markets

The safari capital of the country, Arusha is a quiet town located in the north of Tanzania. Tourists usually travel to Arusha, and then leave for their safari destinations in the northern circuit. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Meru, and a 45-minute drive away from the Mount Kilimanjaro International Airport, Arusha is one of the most prosperous towns in Tanzania.

Arusha is also, popularly known as the center of trading for Tanzanite gemstones.

The National Natural History Museum housed in an old German fort, features a collection of antiquities showcasing Tanzania’s heritage is worth giving a visit to, along with the Cultural Heritage Centre and Art Gallery, located at a very close proximity.


Thing to do:

1-See the remains of 13th century mosque and tombs at Kaole Ruins

2-Visit Crocodile farms to feed the mighty reptiles

3-Visit Caravan Serai Museum to see the place where slaves first arrived after a 6 month walk carrying heavy goods for trade from Kigoma.

Located only 70km north of Dar es Salaam, the small and rustic town of Bagamoyo is credited to be the seventh World Heritage Site in Tanzania.

Once known as the slave and ivory trade capital of Tanzania, and the capital of German East Africa, today Bagamoyo is a popular tourist destination with beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The old buildings and various heritage sites scattered across the city speaks of its dark past. While the current day tourism bustling in the city, makes it a mysterious yet a beautiful destination for a quiet holiday near the Indian Ocean.


Thing to do:

1-Take a boat ride to explore Lake Victoria

2-Go on a walking safari at Sanane National Park

3-Take pictures of, and admire the mysterious Bismark Rocks

The city of Mwanza is the second largest and one of the rapidly developing cities in Tanzania. It is also known as the Rock City due to numerous rock outcrops sprouting out of the shores of Lake Victoria, and strewn across the city.

The Bismark Rocks, named after the German Chancellor who established Mwanza as the administration centre of German East Africa, makes the trade mark of the city, featuring a huge rock, precariously standing atop of a set of boulders set in Lake Victoria.

The close proximity of the city to a number of national parks including Saanane Island, Rubondo National Park, and Serengeti, along with museums like Nyerere Museum and Bujora Sukuma, makes it a popular tourist destination.


Thing to do:

1-Hike to Marangu Waterfall

2-Make coffee with locals at one of the many coffee plantations

3-Buy organic fruits and vegetables at Moshi Market

Located in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, the town of Moshi is a quiet and peaceful place, away from the hustle bustle of city life. Being the coffee and sugar producing center of the country, Moshi is a major contributor to the primary sector of Tanzania.

Moshi is usually frequented by travelers due to its close proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro, for hiking purposes. there are a number of natural scenic places that can be visited from Moshi town, including; Marangu waterfalls, Materuni waterfalls, Lake Chaka, and Kikuletwa hot springs.


Thing to do:

1-Hike to Poroto Mountain

2-Visit Mbozi meteoroid site

3-Go fishing at Ngozi Crater Lake

Located at a close proximity to the Zambian border, Mbeya makes one of the greenest and the most fertile lands of Tanzania.

Tourism wise, Mbeya is the main gateway to KituloNatioal Park and Mbozi meteorite site. The surrounding mountains, and the green terrains make it a pleasant place for tourists to explore outside the hustle bustle of city lives.


Thing to do:

1-Explore Amboni Caves

2-Discover Tongoni Ruins

3-Enjoy local snacks with tea at Blue Room restaurant

One of the largest cities, and the most northerly seaport of Tanzania, Tanga is a sleepy town located at a very close proximity to Dar es Salaam.

The intriguing architecture and the lost history of the town, makes it a mysterious city for backpackers and explorers. Tanga also makes an easy gateway to the Amboni Caves, Amani Forest Nature Reserve, Tongoni Ruins and Mkomazi and Saadani National Parks.

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