Western Safari Circuit

Mahale National Park

Best Time To Visit:– June to September

The Mahale National Park is a natural wonder in itself. Located in the western Tanzania, the Mahale National Park is completely inaccessible by road. Thus, must be reached through boat by crossing Lake Tangayinka.

The ecosystem of the park ranges from beaches, mountains, and dense forest. The park is particularly popular for being a home to over 800 wild chimpanzees. Other habitants of the park include giant forest squirrels, scaly giant pangolin, shaggy red and the other black and white Colobus monkeys, brush-tailed porcupines and Sharpe’s grysbok.

Katavi National Park

Best Time To Visit:– May to October

One of the remotest, and the least frequented national parks in Tanzania, Katavi can be your dream safari spot if you are looking for a secluded safari experience, which defines wilderness in its true terms.

Katavi is credited to be the third largest conservation park, making a safe haven for thousands of Cape buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and big cats such as leopards, lions, and cheetahs.

Katavi makes a great spot for off the beaten track safari experience for those who wish to enjoy their holidays in seclusion, in the calm of the nature, without a lot of tourists around.

Gombe Stream National Park

Best Time To Visit:– July to October

Gombe National Park is famous for the work of Dr Jane Goodall, and its impressive population of chimpanzees. The national park is a popular spot for birdwatching, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and watching the chimpanzees in their wild habitats.

Located within the tropical rainforests of Tanzania, on a close proximity to Lake Tangayinka, Gombe Stream National Park is frequented for guided forest treks, and seeing the chimpanzees up and close.

Lake Tangayinka

Best Time To Visit:– June to September

Lake Tangayinka makes a great destination for an off-beat, holiday by the lake. Visitors can choose from a wide range of activities including going on boat rides, fishing, guided treks and walking safari in the park.

Situated in the Great African Rift Valley, the Lake Tangayinka is a treasure trove of beauty and unique fauna and flora in itself.

The silver sand beaches, and the tropical forests lined by the mountain ridges, and the glorious waterfalls around the region make a safe sanctuary for primates, wild chimpanzees, a variety of mammals, butterflies and birds.

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